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When you are thinking of going to Italy, and you have to figure out where in Italy you should go, and which cities and places you should visit, you will often have Florence in your mind. This country have a huge cultural heritage.

This simple question, What to see and do in Florence? is what we try to answer you at this blog.

We are 2 people, enjoying Florence, and are writing about Florence when we have great things in mind. In the spare time we do like to spend time at our Danish travel agency Stay Local, which is the local specialist in authentic trips to Italy.

We are updating this page as often we think there is something new to tell you about.

The Renaissance period to the contemporary Florence

Flying wings of history in the Renaissance period to the contemporary scenario of Florence History always remains alive in the hearts of the followers of the account. Indeed, the story of history can never be forgotten by the descendants of that country—the people whose writer history always creates news forms…

The beauty of Florence

The city of Florence is UNESCO’s world heritage site for a reason. Florence is your destination if you are looking forward to visiting a beautiful place that offers sound art and leisure. Italy is known for its beauty and architecture, and Florence is the place for you if you want…

Treasure of beauty in Florence

We are created to search for the miracles of nature. Nature is full of beautiful and adventurous places. Every continent is having different kinds of beauties from earth to sky. This beauty can be found in rivers, oceans, greenery, and lakes, etc. From all the admirable and adorable places, there…

Top 8: What can you explore in Florence: The heart of Italy?

Italy is full of mind-blowing and adventurous places, where you can place your beautiful ideas. The bulk of beauty can be perceived in all the cities of Italy, but the beauty of Florence is above the all beautiful cities. You can collect your ideas in the dark nights and sunny…

Do you really want to know the history of the most beautiful city in Italy (Florence)?

History has played a vital role in the globalization of the world. Every tourist loves to visit the most beautiful arenas of the old civilizations and contemporary infrastructure of his/her imagined and dreamful city. Irrespective of any barrier and hurdle, the whole of Italy is full of remarkable and catchy…

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