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Car rental in Florence can be found online in the car rental search engine just abobe. Actually you can find any destination if you want.

You can view and compare the prices of car rental in Florence from all car rental companies, both in the center of Florence and in Florence airport. Florence is Tuscany’s capital and one of the most popular cities in Italy. By renting a car you also have the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside, as well as the vineyards and orchards that Tuscany is full of, as well as the neighboring towns of Pisa and Bologna.

Florence is not only a very beautiful city with a great historical center. Florence is also a vibrant metropolis with 1.5 million inhabitants, with rich shopping opportunities, with parks and museums, with restaurants, bars and nightlife.

The river Arno flows through Florence. Across the river runs the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio, built in 1345 and the only one of Florence’s bridges that avoided World War II bombings. Also famous is Florence’s gigantic cathedral, whose huge dome is still today the tallest building in the city center. For art and history enthusiasts, Florence is really worth a trip. Beautifully decorated churches, the world-renowned art collection The officers and the numerous squares surrounded by old city palaces characterize the city.

Florence also offers a rich business life. Here you can experience the most exclusive fashion shops, regular shopping and an exciting food market in the old two-storey square. The city’s outdoor market, which is open every morning, is also worth an experience, whether you want cheap clothes or, for example, kitchen utensils. In the squares and in the narrow streets it is not difficult to find nice bars and good restaurants. However, the price level of restaurants is generally lowered if you move outside the center. Florence also has many discos, concert venues and for the football fans a team, Fiorentina, in the better half of Serie A.

Florence has a direct flight connection to Copenhagen. The airport is a little north of the city, and there are frequent bus connections to Florence’s main train station and thus to the city center. The trip takes approx. 20 minutes.

Large parts of the city are UNESCO’s Natural Heritage and have an interesting history that can be experienced in a number of museums, art galleries and churches.

Online cheap car hire in Florence

You can find cheap car hire in Florence online in the search engine, and you can choose from several different pickup locations for your car hire in Florence. Remember to book a car rental in Florence at Car there are always free miles and compulsory insurance incl. in the price.

Discover beautiful Florence with car hire

Florence is, in the opinion of many, one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. The city is located right on the river Arno and is one of the most visited tourist areas in Italy. The beautiful architecture of the city alone makes it a good idea to book a rental car and spend a car holiday in Florence.

Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany. In the 19th century, the city was the capital, when Italy was still a kingdom. Today, Florence is almost world famous for both its incredible architecture, also for having either house or nurtured some of Europe’s greatest philosophers, painters, poets and sculptors and much more in the world of art and culture.

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