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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for the term “Search Engine Optimization”. When you do a Google search (or another search engine), you will come across a series of results that are determined by what words you have searched for. Here, Google’s algorithm places the results based on what is most relevant based on the individual search.

SEO is the method that can help the many search results advance in the search engine with the hope of being among the top results. If you are among the top search results, you also get most of the traffic based on each search.

SEO is thus one of the tools in online marketing that can provide the absolute best return, most customers and which in the long run is cheapest to maintain. In other words, SEO is one of the forms of marketing that can provide the highest ROI.

How? Yes, it’s all about time and effort.

Why use SEO?

Without the use of SEO, many pages on the web will almost never be found in Google’s search engine. The reason we use Google when we talk SEO is because Google alone accounts for more than 92% of the total search engine traffic on the web. Here, on average, 70-80% of the traffic goes to the organic search results.

By organic traffic is meant all the traffic that is not paid for. In this way, SEO is directly organic online marketing, where it basically does not cost you any money – if you just know how to use the Internet’s many options best.

So how does SEO work? There is no single unequivocal answer to this.

You can approach it in many different ways. It can be difficult to know what and how to do. In the end, you can use a lot of unnecessary force on it if you move blindly. Therefore, in this post we will make you wiser on the most important pillars behind effective SEO.

Use a good SEO tool

One of the key things to do is to use a good SEO tool, that can measure your trafic and where you can see the faults and improvements you should and have made.

If you are a new commer, one of the best and easy to use tools at the market is Morningscore.

Use original insights to monitor facts

To illustrate the value of SEO, Morningscore analyzed original insights from more than 200 small and medium-sized businesses. Much like many of the leads you work with, the companies are quite young, and the majority were new to SEO when they started using the tool.

In this case example about the money flow of SEO, Morningscore breaks it down simply: How to prioritize investments in SEO and what to expect in return on investment.

Choose Morningscore’s to monitor your SEO growth forecast

You can easily turn the case example into an asset in your work as a Morningscore partner.

The growth forecast in itself – i.e. the graph below – can serve as a strong selling-point when you talk to leads who consider getting started with SEO.

Keep in mind that the graph is based on these variables:

  • One full workday spent on doing SEO every month
  • A budget of $ 3000 dollars to spend on SEO over two years
  • A time frame of at least 15 months to see continuous growth

This case example is of course scalable depending on the reality that your leads are facing, but the basic idea is the same:

SEO takes time, but with a consistent approach the return on investment can be huge …

… and you can do the work yourselves with Morningscore.

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