The beauty of Florence

The city of Florence is UNESCO’s world heritage site for a reason. Florence is your destination if you are looking forward to visiting a beautiful place that offers sound art and leisure.

Italy is known for its beauty and architecture, and Florence is the place for you if you want to see the best that Italy offers. All the sites you visit in this city are simply masterpieces. Undoubtedly, Florence is one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Walking on the streets of this city is a pleasing experience. All you see are incredible sceneries. Besides, Florence is not just about outdoors; the museums of this city are known worldwide. In these museums, you experience the great history of Italy. Uffizi museum is known all over the world. Galleria dell ‘Academia is the museum to be visited if you want to see ancient statues.

Furthermore, visiting Primavera del Botticelli is the first suggestion every tour guide gives you. People are given free entry on the first Sunday of every month. Hence, do not miss the chance.

Commercial life in Florence

Indeed, going to the market to buy necessary stuff is not a fascinating experience, but that is not the case in Florence. The city has one of the world’s most fine-looking markets. If it is a beautiful sunny day, visiting the markets of the city is the way to go. Mercato Delle Cascine is the largest and most economical marketplace. The market offers everything you need: food, clothes, household goods, etc. Yes, it also has restaurants and bars where you can satisfy your appetite!

Historical places in Florence

Florence is home to historical and one of the world’s glorious churches. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the world’s third-largest cathedral, is located in the city. The church is named after Santa Maria del Fiore, and its beautiful architecture was designed by all-time famous architect Arnolfo di Cambio. The dome of this church is considered the symbol of the city. Surprisingly, this church was not built in years or decades. It was built in two complete centuries! So, can you afford not visiting this stunning site?

You may have visited several chapels. But the experience is totally different when you visit Capella Brancacci. It is not huge, but a small chapel famous for portraying the life of ‘Saint Peter.’ A small theatre is also located with the chapel where you can watch a short film depicting its history.

Garden in Florence

Who doesn’t like gardens? Yes, we all do! Florence is the city with beautiful gardens. Its green sceneries will make you forget all the worries. Important to mention here is the ‘Boboli Gardens‘. It is not just a simple garden. It is also home to an assemblage of historical sculptures.

Undeniably, Florence is known for its architectural beauty. It is a big statement, but you would rarely find an ugly building in this city. Many buildings located in this city are known all over the world. Campanile di Giotto towers undoubtedly, represent the city’s beauty. Just standing before this building and watching it is a fascinating experience. Moreover, the scenes that you see while standing at the top thrill you. But remember, you will have to climb 414 steps!

We do enjoy going to theatres, but visiting Opera di Firenze is a lifetime experience. It is an open theatre, and primarily known for hosting some incredible concerts. It is a modern masterpiece located in the centre of a historic city.

Hence, Florence merely is unbelievable, no matter which part of the city you perceive in it. The scenes you see are stunning and let you have the best experiences of your life. It is the city that you should visit if you love art and architecture. In short, the romantic atmosphere, natural prettiness, and historic magnificence make this city heaven on earth!


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