Treasure of beauty in Florence

We are created to search for the miracles of nature. Nature is full of beautiful and adventurous places. Every continent is having different kinds of beauties from earth to sky. This beauty can be found in rivers, oceans, greenery, and lakes, etc. From all the admirable and adorable places, there exists a place called Florence. Indeed, all the bulky places keep many alike things. Likewise, Florence also has the wealthiest beauty in the world.

The beauty of art in Florence

Treasure of beauty in Florence

Everyone in the world likes the art of Florence. This art keeps a mind-blowing nature. Indeed, history is full of such artists who learned their initial lessons of art in Florence. Every day hundreds of the tourists make their routes towards Florence for the sake of the artistic view.
Here you can perceive the art of the ancient and contemporary experts of the art. Those artists are: Michelangelo, Donatello, Masaccio, Giotto, etc. The artistic work can be seen in the form of: The Florentine Pieta by Michelangelo, The Laurentian Library by Michelangelo, Trinity by Masaccio, The Slaves by Michelangelo, Dome of the Duomo of Florence by Filippo Brunelleschi, The Annunciation by Fra Angelico, etc. This adorable work reflects the culture, history, tradition, religion, and customs of the people of Florence. Hence, it can be concluded that those minds were full of ideas, and those ideas took the shape of beautiful art. And history will always remember them.

How nature grows here (Florence)

Treasure of beauty in Florence

The people of Florence love nature. And their love with nature has produced remarkable results of fragrance in this city. Here you can see the beautiful forests, rivers, and glaciers. Those natural beauties are: Sasseto Forest, Lazio, Bagni di San Filippo, Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Frasassi Caves, Ancona, Le Marche, San Nicola Arcella, and Calabria.

The Sasseto Forest is also called ‘the enchanted forest’ or ‘forest of the fairies’, it emulates the glamor of nature. Indeed, nature is fully covered in this region. It is located in the town of Acquapendente in the province of Viterbo, the northern part of Lazio. Moreover, the Bagni di San Filippo is located in Tuscany. You can enjoy your private life here. Indeed, you can take a bath here, away from the crowds of people. Furthermore, there exists Frasassi Caves, Ancona, Le Marche; these are the marginalized caves in Le Marche. These caves are having the area of 35kms.

Moreover, these are underground caves of Florence. You can fully explore the interior part of these caves. Everyone likes these caves, and people from Asia, America, Europe, etc. especially come here to visit these caves. Ergo, there can be perceived the San Nicola Arcella, and Calabria. It is located in the Gulf of Policastro. It is a small town of the Caribbean in the Riviera of Cedars. This is the most beloved beach where people enjoy the beautiful weather with their loved ones.

Parks and Gardens in Florence

Treasure of beauty in Florence

As Florence is the centre of beauty and Renaissance, so it is a rudimentary thing that the people must enjoy the joys of beauty here. The roses of different colours grow here for the beautiful faces of the people of Florence. It is also a big city like other cities in the world. Therefore, people with their families find their routes for the sake of soothing sigh and walking purposes. These parks are: The Rose Garden, The Iris Garden, The Boboli Gardens, The Bardini Garden, Giardino Della Gherardesc (Park), etc. These parks and gardens are located in different places near to the approach of common people. Indeed, the different kinds of flowers, trees, fruits, and greenery can be seen here.


To cap it all, it was the flowery touch of the treasury of the beauty of Florence. This beauty is the result of the collective efforts of the people of Florence. Are you ready to visit the lovely nature of Florence?

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